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Sunday Morning
August 23, 2015

“One Last Chance”

"One Last Chance"
August 16, 2015

“God Stirs Some People Up”

"God Stirs Some People Up"
August 9, 2015

“Conditional Blessings”

"Conditional Blessings"
August 2, 2015

“Qualified to be Partakers”

"Qualified to be Partakers"
July 31, 2015

“My Words Will By No Means Pass Away”

"My Words Will By No Means Pass Away"
July 19, 2015

“At Your Word”

"At Your Word"
July 12, 2015

“God’s Timing”

"God's Timing"
July 5, 2015

“David and Goliath”

"David and Goliath"
June 28, 2015

“The Perfect Combination Faith and Love”

"The Perfect Combination Faith and Love"
June 21, 2015

“The Fathers Blessings”

"The Fathers Blessings"

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