The Nature of The Church Part 2: The Body of Christ

The Nature of the Church Part two: The Body of Christ

The usage of the term “body” emphasizes our connection to Christ as part of the Church.

We are attached to Christ and we are attached to one another.

One flesh Eph 5:25-32

The wife or “bride” is spoken of as the same thing in this passage because they are the same thing.

Members of Christ 1Cor 6:14-20

melos (mel’-os); of uncertain affinity; a limb or part of the body:

KJV – member.

This word is used 3 times in verse 15 and throughout this book.

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit”

This is the collective ownership of a singular body, the body under consideration is the church body of which we are “members”.

English grammar requires this to be speaking of the church body.

Bob and Jim own an office, verses, Bob and Jim own offices.


The Greek grammar could allow this to mean the singular body of the individual! With the Greek it is not definitive!

Many members1Cor 12:1-31

We are to work together as a body. Each member has its own unique talents to offer.

All of the body parts are connected and aware of one another. Vs. 25-27

Not all of the members of the mythical “universal church” are aware of each other nor do they suffer when one they do not even know exists suffers or do they rejoice…!

The Lord gave spiritual gifts to the Church.

The promise of the Father Lu 24:49

Repent and be baptized… the giftActs 2:38

Baptized and laid on hands Acts 19:5-7

Who can forbid water Acts 10:43-48

The edification of the body is what we are to strive for in what we do. The gifts were given for the edification of the Church 1Cor 12:7, 14:4-5, 22-23

The gifts mentioned in chapter 12 are to be demonstrated in an assembly situation, a church service so the church (assembly) will be edified!

Verse 13We are “Baptized into the body” not saved into the body.

Verse 27“Now ye are the body” – who is this letter written to? The local church in Corinth!

The body is to be the physical part of Christ on the earth.

We are to carry out the actions of Christ as we live on this earth, carry out the great commission.

We,the body of Christ, are to be empowered and led by the Spirit of Christ!

In Christ’s stead we implore you 2Cor 5:20

So send I you Jo 20:21

Lords Supper

One bread one body 1Cor 10:16-17

If you believe in the local church you will believe in closed communion.

If you believe in the universal church you will believe in open communion.

If you believe in both you will be mixed up.